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What is SharedMachine?

Shared machine is a web based platform to share construction machines. It let Hirers find machines at transparent price, on required dates and at nearer locations. Machine Owners can also use this platform to list their machines and encash surplus capacity. SharedMachine is an effort to create a most easy experience for hiring or renting construction machines.


Who should become a member of SharedMachine?

Anyone who hires or leases construction machines can become member. Members can search and book machine in a single click. Member can also list machines available for rent with current location, price and available dates.


How much does it cost to join and use SharedMachine?

As a Hirer joining and using services of SharedMachine is absolutely free with no hidden fee. For machine owner there is subscription fee which is based on number of machines and a transaction fee on rental earned through platform.

Kindly refer our payment plan for details.


How reliable is the suppliers and machines in SharedMachine?

All suppliers and their machines are verified in SharedMachine. We do also constantly take feedbacks about our suppliers and their machines from Hirer.

We take proactive efforts to make sure you receive quality machines on time.


For how long period I can hire the machines?

Machines can be hired for as minimum as 1 day. On maximum side there is no limit on number of days. Hirer can hire for as many days as machines are available on platform.


Is it available on mobile devices?

Mobile version of SharedMachine will be soon available for Android and iOS users.


Machine Category needed for my job is not available.

If you need help in finding a machine or category which is not listed in website WhatsApp us on 7722025566 or write us a mail to You can also send your suggestion regarding new category or machines to


Do I need to contact machine owner to get my booking done?

A: At SharedMachine our aim is to give easy and simple booking experience to both Hirers and machine owners. You can book your machine in single one click and for the same you don’t need to contact machine owner.


Can I also list my machines in this portal?

A: Absolutely. You can use this portal to both hire as well as renting out your machines from same login. SharedMachine has separate dashboards to manage your bookings and enquiries.


Can I reserve machines availability for internal bookings?

Yes it is possible. Shared machine let you declare reserved period for any of your machines. It also let you specify date wise specific rent for a machine. You can also view booking calendar of all your machines in one page.


What else support do you provide?

We at SharedMachine strive for providing right construction machine to get your job done. You can contact us for all sort of queries related with accessing construction machine. You can WhatsApp us on 7722025566 or can mail us at